ULTRA Printing Industry and Trade Inc. was founded in 1988, it has more than 40 staff at its factory in the Organized Industrial Zone in Ankara. The ULTRA retains exacting quality production policy in the manufacturing process from the design stage to the installation stage for 30 years. Machinery manufacturing is carried out in a very sensitive and capable of producing the highest quality CNC technology.

ULTRA Inc. is representive of Turkey  HSA Systems, Atlantic Zeiser, Baust, Dilli, Miyakoshi, Munksforsagar, Zacares, Konica Minolta, Amica, Collins InkJet, which are the most important companies of the sector worldwide.  With these distributorship agreements, the company has maintained its pioneering and leading position at the sector.

ULTRA Inc. impress to the sector with the management of a dynamic and well-trained staff and as a result of a meticulous study was able to capture excellent quality standards in their manufacturing.